Heather Carr is an American model with a very versatile style. What better way for a model to showcase her sexy bikini body topless than when the SoCal model and a beach come together. I’m not sure how comfortable it is to lay topless without any clothes on the rocky shoreline. But I have to admit the look is priceless. Heather reminds us that mermaids once lived among us. Coming onshore to romance gentlemen and let their pussies get fucked and draw them out to sea. I’m pretty sure that happened. Knowing myself as I do, I’m quite sure I’d have been one to wade into the waters over my head in pursuit of those Heather like tits and ass. It’s not passion if you’re not willing to lose oxygen over it. Heather, job well done. Kudos all around. If I had a noisemaker, I’d blow it now.